Cat Woman ... on the prowl...

about masks...

( inspired thoughts from Japanese film, Funeral Parade of Roses )

Everyman has his mask
which he has carved for a longtime
some wear the same masks all their lives; but
others use a variety of masks...
Some masks stress the features but...
others are far from their original,
some are poor and easily distinguishable, but 
others are so skillfully made, they are hardly distinguishable,
people always wear masks
when they face each other.
They see only masks.
Even if they remove their masks
their faces seldom expose themselves
because there may be second masks and even third masks
hidden under the first ones.
Therefore, people often take your masks for you,
and you takes theirs for them.
The objective of love and hatred may be the masks,
faces suffer loneliness,
people try to escape from it and make new masks